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"I was bored and snooping. Okay, maybe ipso facto snooping but it wasn’t my goal to snoop just entertain myself. You know how when you’re a guest and you’re bored and you go into the bathroom and read the magazines and rummage through the medicine cabinet and look in the closets and under the bed and you find something you were never meant to see."

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Carol Danvers was already a highly trained NASA spy (this is what happens when you’re a USAF major and want an even higher-flying job) when an exploding alien psyche-magnetron gives her superpowers. She could already kick ass, but now, when enemy fighters shoot down her plane, she can leap out to beat them up personally. She’s cinematically perfect: superstrength, fires energy blasts, just enough precognition to survive fights but not to avoid them. She’s an established Avenger — Ant-Man proves that that’s enough to get a major motion picture without any decent powers — and hand-to-hand espionage training means that even the “before” bit of her origin story will rock. And she’s still just getting rumors that she maybe might get to join in the Avengers sequel.

She should have her own headline movie. This is a woman who forced Tony Stark and the Incredible Hulk to walk out of Avengers Tower naked. Not Banner — Hulk. And they still didn’t reveal as much as her old costume used to. She spent most of her career as Ms. Marvel before deciding “screw this” and taking a title that doesn’t explicitly reveal her gender. And a new costume with the same function.


9 Lesser Known Superheroes Who Deserve Movie Franchises | (via dduane)

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avengers assemble #25

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A truly unstoppable force.

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You don’t win wars with niceness, doctor. You win wars with guts.

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Favorite quotes

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james t. kirk + favorite lines (pt. 2)

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"…I’m getting slightly concerned about you."

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Darcy Lewis + The Dark World

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